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Evaluation and Start of Care

Your start of care begins

  • 1 h 30 min

Service Description

This is our first meeting. I will bring any supplies needed for the session including my treatment table. For this appointment I ask that you are ready to move in comfortable clothing and that you have a charged device (phone or tablet) to use to document your home program. I video you doing your home program for reference between sessions. You are welcome to have any family or care provider present during this session that would like to attend. If your initial evaluation paperwork was not already sent to me, I will be collecting it at this visit. Following this session you will understand your problem, have a comprehensive home program to complete, and I will communicate all of my finding with any/all of your health care team. I also provide you a personalized letter with my findings including all outcome measures so you and I can track your progress together.

Contact Details


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