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Concierge Physical Therapist

After over 15 years in clinical practice I was tired of providing care in environments that were rushed, that did not value continuity of care with the same therapist, and that were happy to discharge patients with a "good outcome" instead of an excellent one. Treating outside of the insurance model has allowed me to provide superior orthopedic physical therapy care anywhere you need me to be. I come to your home, your gym, your golf course, your favorite place to run and we do physical therapy in the environment that you want to get back to. I love getting to know my patients and often come to regard them as friends. As a client of mine you get my personal cell phone number to reach me at any time. We work to make a physical therapy schedule that is convenient for you. I know, with genuine caring and hard work on both of our parts your physical therapy outcome will be excellent. 


Physical Therapy, Mckenzie Method,
Golf assessments through the Titleist Performance Institute, Manual Therapy, & Ergonomic Consultations.

I provide onsite physical therapy, rehabilitation, and conditioning services. I am a fully licensed, insured, and McKenzie certified Physical Therapist with direct-access privileges in the State of PA. Since I have a direct access license you do not need a prescription from a physician to be treated by me.


My specialization has historically been in spine, orthopedics, and treatment of the injured athlete, but I am also well versed in caring for the aging individual in which balance and deconditioning are the primary limitations.


OPTSH has a concierge medicine model, which means that I do not accept insurance for services provided. Since I am not required to conform to insurance billing and coding rules, I can simply focus on the patient and what they need, whether that be 60 minutes of manual therapy combined with a specialized home exercise program or if we spend the entire time together running and altering mechanics to alleviate pain during your run.

Since care is no longer confined to the clinic environment I am free to provide you with excellent physical therapy care for whatever you need wherever you need it. Having the freedom to receive faster higher quality care with the same provider is what makes this experience different from any other physical therapy experience you have had before. 


Contact Me
Valerie Pantanelli, PT, MS, Cert. MDT, CSCS

Looking forward to helping you on your healing journey!

Tel: 203-788-0582
Fax: 717-312-4215

Venmo: @OPTSH

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